Your Life is a Fail If You Haven't Tried

Are you doing what you love? What you really want to do? If not, what is stopping you from it? Surprisingly, the common answer was - fear of failure. You might not use that word, but that's the reason behind your excuses. Imagine two scenarios:

You Start-up and Fail

You went on to chase your dreams, leaving the rat race behind. You live the dream you always dreamt, you do what you love, you took the plunge. You face problems, questions and such - but you love each one of them because they are helping you grow. You feel more, everyday. You grow more, everyday. You be more, everyday. And then you fail. But you move on because you've gained so much that you cannot call it a failure. But now you don't want to go back in the rat race, your dreams are so intoxicating. You keep trying. Eventually, you succeed.

You Never Start-up

You ignore the dream, keep at rat-race. You win the race or lose the race, but you still remain a rat. Your life is a big fail. A life which is not moving towards your dreams is not worth living. Your existence didn't matter to anyone - not even you. You failed. Failing is not necessary, not a right of passage but not good enough a reason to stop. If you stop out of fear of failure - you failed. And if you failed after taking the plunge - you will succeed anyways. What way have you chosen?
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