What Should My Start-up Be About?

Q: I so want to do a start-up. But what should it be about? (Asked on a DM on Twitter) [Are you Following me on Twitter] A: Start-up is not about starting your venture - it's more about taking the plunge as entrepreneur. Usually first start-up is about something you are passionate about or have fun doing. But it really doesn't matter what idea you get started with - you are going to evolve your preferences, vision and yourself. Getting started is more important than 'about what'. If you have an Idea: work on it If you don't: work with a start-up or travel. If you don't have any idea, go join a start-up and work with them, the environment there is really good at inspiring ideas and you get every benefit of start-up. Traveling gives you new perspective and experiences. In nutshell, start-up your idea if you can't, for whatever reason, help someone who is starting out.
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