The Thief Lord [Movies for Young Entrepreneurs]

The Thief Lord DVDThe Thief Lord is worth a 100 watch! This movie reminds me a lot about how to think like a kid i.e. think unlimited. You can be, do or have anything. Thought the film might have different message at heart but it inspires me to dream - dream big. It's about two orphan brothers who run away from their aunt's home to magical city of Venice. (Note to Self: buy a home in Venice) There they explore awesome gang of orphan kids lead by the Thief Lord. They take on a project to steal something for loads of cash and end up being cheated. They follow the cheaters to discover the magic of age reversal and make their own decision. The youngest of all kids is the one who knows the magic of the city - I could completely relate to him. That's how I see the world too. It is a must watch for all entrepreneurs but will make more sense to young entrepreneurs. But all entrepreneurs are young at hearts so… go watch it! PS: It's fun to over rule your parents and have adults on your side in your mission. Discover how to lure them in. Buy on Amazon

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