Teach to Reach: Sure-shot Way to Create & Reach Your Audience

What is the best way to build an audience / a following and what is the best way to keep them, grow them and turn them into customers? Teaching! Teach them why, how, what & who. Teach them what you know & believe. When I say teaching, I don't mean a classroom situation where teaching tells you 'the truth' and expects you to believe it and questioning it is annoying & stupid. Teaching means sharing, telling stories, inspiring (not motivating) them to do something remarkable - inspiring them to be best. This all is about building trust & relationship, once that is in place your audience will be your customers too. Use blog, twitter, newsletter for this purpose - teach, share and add value to their lives. There is no better way of marketing. It's viral, it's loved and people pay attention, they advocate for you.
"...teaching is a mutual experience."
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Some brands & people who teach to reach:

37 Signals

If you are a designer, you know how awesome their blog - Signal vs Noise is. They share their day-to-day learning and why behind their decisions. Will I ever doubt their product? No!


Alex, 17 years old owner, writes 5 posts every week teaching something new about blogging every day. His newsletter teaches you all his learning about blogging. The trust he built-in blogging and thesis theme community led to a successful launch of his thesis skin.

Pearsonified & DIY Themes

I never thought I will use Thesis theme framework for WordPress. It never made any sense to me. But just reading a few articles on Chris Pearson's blog had so much impact on me that I ended up using thesis on all my WordPress sites.

Seth Godin

He churns out blog posts, books, free ebooks, videos, interviews and endless stuff - teaching us all he knows and believes. And you know how strong his following is, his books sell like hot cakes.

DIY Teaching

  • Get a blog if you don't already have one. Write posts, at least once a week, teaching them what you learned. If you didn't learn anything - make it up, crack jokes. Make it human.
  • Get a twitter account if you don't already have one. Follow your industry leaders and start tweeting what you learned, articles you loved, and some random updates.
  • Don't miss any opportunity to teach & learn - teaching is a mutual experience. If there are no opportunities create them! Do webinars, podcasts, travel!
Whom are you teaching today? You can start with me.
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