Shrinking Spurt for Your Business - Keep it Small, Keep it Safe

What is the next logical step when your start-up takes off well? Entrepreneurs tend to go towards scaling it - making it big. And there goes all fun and passion of start-ups, there ends the love for it. But then comes the question, if not big then what? Instead of growing big, stay small and do the thing you always wanted to do - Specialize and innovate. Instead of big a big monster that does everything under the sun, just be a small company that does great small things. One web-design agency specializing in UI for web-apps is far more valuable than thousands of 'just other web-design companies'. Apple is not everywhere; it is there where people want quality, beauty and usability.

The Small Big Way

I can hear you argue, 'Hey! Apple is big.' Well yes that comes next - going big. But going big before you nicher your niche is like killing your venture. This post is certainly not about going big but if you think it is time you expand then here is a thing to consider - make departments that specialize. Google is big - under that banner are many independent yet, integrated departments that work as small divisions. I've seen working of small and big fishes and there is nothing as good as the small fish swim. It is fun, it's manageable and it's passionate.
Photo by Martina Rathgens

You are reading a post that I wrote a long time backā€”at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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