Please let them Buy Your Stuff

People hate being sold to. They feel dragged, they feel cheated and they feel out of control. You can sell them once, twice but it won't go on. You don't sell, people buy it. It's their decision to buy, let them make it. Your work is to help them decide. Helping them decide is not same as standing with your customer and telling them all the goodie-goodie stuff about yourself / your product/ service. It is not about being a door-to-door who cram all the pitch and spit it out in a single breath. It's about building trust. When they trust you, they buy. Build trust by fixing what is broken, by educating your customer and removing every possible barrier between them and buying. Pushing it in their face will never work. If they are interested they will have a look. Remember, it's now you who sell. It's them who buy. You build, improve and fix, they buy. Do your job, let them do their job.
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You are reading a post that I wrote a long time backā€”at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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