Niche is Dead - It's Time to Go Wild

Playing with ideas is my passion. I've been playing with 'the FRiEnDz' a lot lately. I've tried so much stuff on it, many lessons here are a gift of 'the FRiEnDz' experimentation. 'the FRiEnDz' targets international market - teens worldwide. And its sub-ventures are ever-growing - magazine, film, blog and what not. Probably my biggest mistake, eh? After all they tell you to focus one thing? I'd have agreed a few weeks ago and that was the reasons that FRiEnDz was so abandoned for months - until I realized the power of what I've done.
  • Take one business model - simplest one.
  • And throw everything around it and let it go wild; put it everywhere and in everything.
Here are some real life examples:

Wake Up Cloud

Henri, the owner and the awesome dude who reached from 0 to 1009 subscribers in 101 days (something that would make even dear Brian shy away) - he is a genius. On his blog, he talks about everything - from law of attraction, blogging to marketing and self-help. Top guns would rant, but who'd read such unfocused thing - I will and with me more that a thousand people do! Visit Wake Up Cloud →


She's the latest buzz, the girl with tattoo and hot fingertips. She talks about money, sex and what not. But her so wide topical blog made her apple of Darren's eye. She went wild and poured her thoughts on screen, Raw! Now people are falling in love with her. Absolute Genius! Because people like people. Visit Wake Up Cloud →

Gary Vay.ner.chuck

The man who crushed it! Gary talks about Vine and marketing? And in one recent webinar with Sue n' Steve (my friends who rock) he said something like this:
The problem is not that people don't have passion, but it's that they have too many passions and they think they have none - all feels great, right? Do it all! Many people who read my stuff are there because they love both, Vine and Marketing.
Now isn't that more targeted niche. "Hey dude! I talk about marketing and offer you Vine - buy it from my affiliate and everything else is free." "Hey man! I am reading your stuff with Vine you recommended me in the personal mail you wrote to me. I love both! I referred it to my friends too. What should I buy next?" Visit Gary V →

Google the Uncle Sam

How can we forget the great-uncle? They have just one thing at centre - advertisement. They are bloody mad about it. They are going to give you free Calvin Klein and advertise on that too! All the best services in world are not free, so we hope that Google will buy it and release it for free. We don't mind them collecting our data and slapping adverts in our face. Google is not focused, on one market - they have gone wild - with YouTube to Waves. And guess what? We have the love hate relationship with them - the same we have with us. "My Preciooouuusss! Google! Google!" Visit Google, You gotta be kiding me! →

Back to FRiEnDz

I am digging up the graves. It will be resurrected. It's my greatest guinea pig after all which has survived all my experiments. Niches are dead, go wild or go dead specific.
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