My Mentor was a 5 Years Old

I have many friends under 5 (younger the better). They speak and think like, "When I grow up, I will do it this way." Such ideas seem illogical and irrational at first but they come true by the time they grow up and prove the limited thinking wrong.

I remember how I thought about running a school with no curriculum or rules, a blog without limits and fun, a business that is just awesome. I am still working on those lines - on my kidish dreams.

But I always wonder, why do people grow out of it? How do they lose their ability to think unlimited? What goes wrong?


Education produces assembly line workers - people who can follow rules without questions.

Schools educate students out of the questions, curiosity, potential and individuality. I heard this from Rishabh, he probably read a tweet:

"College graduation day is a ceremony where people wearing same dress are told the value of being unique." - Anon


To be honest, I don't think there is anything called failure - all is good learning and fun. But it's important how you feel about other people reacting to your failures. If you care, if you give a damn - you've lost it.

Back to Being A Kid

They say there is a kid inside you, I disagree. There is a blanket of adulthood around you - you are still a kid at heart. Sweaty as you are in middle of all that passion and heat but afraid to take that blanket off. Because they tell you it's too cold. But trust me, you are sweating - it will be great relief to throw the blanket away.

Don't listen to those who don't have the heat and if you don't want to lose it either - be blanket free.

Learn from the Kids - The Leading Edge of Thought

In a recent event someone suggested to create a boot camp for kids where they can do whatever they want. Abraham answered:

"They don't need us to give them that environment. They are living what they want, they live in their worlds better than anyone of you present in this room. Have you tried to conform them? Oh! You will be exhausted trying to contain that energy."

Later they added

"It is not us who have something to teach to them, it is them who are coming forth to teach. Go there to learn, you will lead the way."

Time to befriend a kid, and learn, I've been doing it and can tell you that it's awesome. Try it.

Photo by Incase.

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