Most Dangerous Mistakes the Web-Startups Make & How to avoid it

At a web-startup there is a tendency to start building stuff with screens and mock-ups. While it seems so obvious and tempting to jump at a program and create a mock-up and wire-frames; it's not a wise idea. Of course your service / product are online and has screens and is a site but it's not just a series of screens. It's a flow of processes. Usually one integrated in other. Start with flow charts of how these things flow. That ways, not only you will know what's more important (how it works and not how it looks) but you will get the user experience thing right (yea that is where it begins). Refine your flow charts to make it simpler. Can you describe whole function of your website in simple chart? What's the central thing? Is it user? Their bio? Their conversation? What can you make easier? What do you need to make more complex? It gives you a very clear mindset about where you are headed. Now make the screens that come in a flow one after another. The more time you spend on earlier stages, the more refined the product and the more control you will have over it. And if you are working with designers / developers - involve them in the process (but take the advice with pinch of salt). Use common sense. It's a good idea to include a non-techie to involve in the process... just a random person off the street who uses web will do.
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You are reading a post that I wrote a long time backā€”at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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