How to Cure Money Minded Employs

Q: When I hire people, they are passionate about the money not about the work. They say things like, "I used to get paid X amount for this job. So you got to pay more." When I think they deserve far less than X for that job. It is becoming more of a culture of money oriented employ, no matter what you give them and how much of a family you make they leave you for more money. Where does it start? Why does this happen and how can I make it better? A: I've recently passed my senior school and it begins right here. Teacher and students don't talk about passion or where will you take this world, but about how much you will be paid. They even have a cliché for this - "package". When a whole generation is being 'educated' to go for money, then so it - it starts here. But worry not, even in midst of that there are people who love what they do and do what they love. The reason people don't find them is their advertisement for vacancy. Usually they say 'Good salary'. Say nothing of salary, say lot about what you are giving - work environment and opportunities and those who are looking for that will find you. I'd rather hire a high-school kid than a degree graduate based on his personal inspiration because they are true to the cause and themselves and not the money. If the prospect starts about money and how much you will pay then he is not the one for job. Let go off him. Give the right message out and get the right people in.
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