The Missing USP - Power of Limit & Less

When people think of USP (What's unique about you), more than often they are talking about added feature. But it needs not to be and 'addition'. Something missing or something limiting can be a USP too and in fact a powerful one. Twitter doesn't allow more than 140 characters - that's the reason we love it! On LinkedIn you can only connect to people you've worked with, Gmail has max of 7GB storage (yes people reach those), Apple doesn't allow porn, and so on… That's what makes them special and valued. Human mind really cannot value unlimited in a way it values limited. Limited serves economically. What's is it that every person / product / service in your industry has but you won't have it?
Photo by glassblower (Missing Teeth)

You are reading a post that I wrote a long time back—at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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