How to Kidnap & Sell Your Customers

This is another great lesson from Dilli - the heart of India. If you get a chance to visit Chandani Chownk - never miss it. But be on your guard. On entering, you will be amazed to see a number of shops selling exactly same stuff! Bangles here, bangles there - a whole block of shops selling exactly the same thing: bangles. And if an entrepreneur wants to open a shop he will select a place different from there, right? No! He will try his best to get some space in the block with competitors. Why? Because it serves as perfect market! Buyers will come there because since ages bangles have been there - they don't want to remember another turn to reach a new shop. All the school girls pass from there and bangles are something they can kill for! In middle of all this, a buyer will be confused where to go! If that is not enough, they will stand out of their shops calling you in, "Come in Sir, we have a great deal for you. Have some tea, ok don't buy just have some tea. Come on in." They are so desperate to get you in that it's easy to mistake them as kidnappers. One of them wins and get's the customer in. First thing they do is - they will serve you Samosas, cold drinks or anything you would like to have. And let me tell you that Bangles don't have enough margins to afford a cold drink. Before you know it, your kids will be enjoying best chocolate in market that even Richie Rich can't afford. After being fed you feel obliged enough to buy something. They will show you perfect match to your dress and the dress you wore the other day. They will tell you how great you'd look. That's called knowing your customer. They will deliver stuff you bought to your home, so you can go around and shop carefree. They will remember your name, your food preferences, and where you come from - that's their business. Next time you have a guest over, a wedding or a new bride or if you are just in shopping mood. You know where to go. They won't have to call you again. They will greet you as ever and server you as ever and become your official bangles sellers. You are kidnapped! You will never go to another seller ever! All that they spent on feeding you the first day is recovered in your next visits. Their business isn't selling bangles; it is making relations that'd pay. They have referral systems to send you to shop where you will buy matching dresses with bangles you just bought, and then you will buy footwear. And all long the original seller will be helping you in some way. The best customer service, the best business and referral system - you are sold.
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