Kick-Ass (2010) [Movies for Teen Entrepreneurs]

Kick-Ass PosterUnlimited and wild thinking of young minds is core parts of entrepreneur's spiritual anatomy. And a die-hard attitude to just go for it even when everyone else thinks it's too risky is a main reason in success. That's exactly what this movie is about, the regular jerking off teenager has it both and his first attempt to be a superhero gives him some steel-hard bones and bad never endings. Thank he kicks some serious ass with 11-year-old Hit-Girl and fires a bazooka. It's not your stereotype superhero movie, its entrepreneur's life style portrayed in extremes. That's why it is a must watch. In fact, keep it in your movie library for times when you need some inspiration and fun. PS: Good superheroes entrepreneurs end up getting their brain fucked out by their girlfriends. Watch the movie to know how and why. It's kinda cute. Buy on Amazon

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