Humble Student Syndrome: The Deadly Disease & its Symptoms

Schools are funny, during first few years they teach you how to speak, write and express yourself - they teach you to stand up for yourself and what you believe. And later tell you to shut-up and follow the crowd. On some, this conformity works. You will see them humbled, supposedly eager to learn, have no decision-making ability, hands at back, head down and… you get the idea. I call this the student syndrome. Where everyone except you is right and all… you are to follow the rules & crowd - never ask why.
"Don't believe what I say blindly. Take it, test it and then believe it." - Buddha (loose translation)
Recently I saw this at conference of Entrepreneurs. He stood up to ask his questions, his hands were at back, and sounded as if he was in classroom. Do I pity him? Maybe yeah! His unique vision could have given us a new world, only if he believed in himself more than the others. And it's not just him; most of us still have it. We do allow things to override what we know to be. Nothing is true until you think it to be true. The center is you. You make it right or wrong.
"Humble? …well, Get over it!" - Abraham Hicks
You have power to be the world and so does others. It's not a world of humbled and ruler. It's an equal footing of being. Everyone gets to choose. (Not to be confused with Student Syndrome that is a form of procrastination)
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