Free Prize Inside - Seth Godin

I recently read Seth Godin's Free Prize Inside. Here are some thoughts from and about the book:
"We don't insist on the biggest ads or the latest technology. We want cool stuff. Design matters. Style matters. Extras matter. We want the free prize, sometimes more than we want the thing itself."
"A free prize is the essence of a Purple Cow. … It rarely delivers more of what we were buying in the first place. It delivers something extra."
"Fix what is broken."
"Inflame the Passionate."
Fact: Without Innovation, you shall die. Why advertising is so screwed up? Hint: You can't get noisy enough to be noticed. They have learned to ignore it. Why Innovation need not cost a million dollars, but can make a million dollars? Hint: Soft innovation that everyone does. How do you get people to believe in your idea and support/invest in? Hint: Have a history of shipping! How to have them on your side? All of them? Hint: Inflame the passionate. Rest are followers anyways. Why people should use your product/service and not your competitors? Hint: People like cool stuff, and don't mind paying for it. How one simple thing can change everything about you, your brand, your product or service? Hint: Free Prize Inside I gave you the hints to the answers to these mind boggling questions. Get the answers the book 'Free Prize Inside' by Seth Godin. Have you read the book already? Do you remember how he answered them? How can you answer these questions? Are these questions even relevant to you? Let's hear it all… Buy Now on Amazon

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