Do Entrepreneurs Have to Be Risk Takers?

There is a lot of talk about 'risks' that entrepreneurs take. Do entrepreneurs have to take risks? Are entrepreneurs just classic risk taking people? Let me tell you what. When a pilot flies a plane, it's a big risk and those who fly with him are also at a risk. But world is now used to it and it's not big a risk. To those who fly and those who fly with them - it's not a risk anymore. Entrepreneurs go on the leading edge; they take that which is new. That new is a risk to whole world but to an entrepreneur that's the only thing that makes sense. Entrepreneurs look like risk takers from outside but when you are one, you know it's not risk - it's what makes sense, what you believe in, what you were born for. There is no risk, they know their vision - they know it will come true. There is no risk - it's a done deal - but only some can see it done. Those are entrepreneurs. Are you one? Photo by zieak

You are reading a post that I wrote a long time backā€”at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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