Education Killed 956 Entrepreneurs

With all those MBA degrees and business schools, this really does sound ironic, doesn't it? The dynamic spirit of enterprising crushes the static pillars education tried to build. Education is all about 'let me teach you the way' and enterprising says, "Thank you very much but there is nothing as satisfying as finding my way." So a degree in enterprising will really be one of the greatest ironies.

99 or None?

Here is a question for you educated ones: 'There were 100 sheep in a farm, one found a way to escape. How many were left?' Educated One: 99 Enterprising One: none - if one finds a way, why'd others stay behind. The static maths of education cannot calculate the dynamics of life without accounting for the mindset (read: intent).

What Experts Think

The other day I was talking to Mohit, he runs L-Pad, once he had an institute for enterprising and MBA. He told me that it took him two years to realize that enterprising and MBA are completely opposite things. MBA teaches you systems and how to follow them, while enterprising breaks the system and creates new.
"MBA is training house for big corporate" - Mohit Bansal
On a similar note, during my interview with Nick Tart, co-author of50 Interviews: Young Entrepreneurs and blogger at JuniorBiz, we talked about how 99% of people in his university studying business are going to get a job. Irony? No! All these courses and degrees are rat races, something no entrepreneur believes in. 'I was born intelligent but education ruined me' this T-Shirt slogan is always coming true, I see a lot of kids (my age) wasting their talents in name of school. World can't afford to lose those brilliant minds. Here is a TED Talk that says more:
We don't need no education. - Pink Floyd
I think education should be used just as a skill. It should be process of honing your skills and not a series of stuff you go through. As Sir Robinson says - it needs to be organic. What is your take on this? Do you think Education is really doing what it started out to do? Is it really education or just a training system?
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