How & Why to Turn Your Big Fat Corporate to a Startup

Working with corporate and big organizations is not fun at all. They are so inhuman and just trying to catch up with something invisible. The vision starts to fade from CEO's office and never reaches to the working employees. But there are many international organizations which work wonderfully. There is creative energy all around them, people know the vision and are passionate about it - just like start-ups. Here is what I've learned from them about running a big organization:

Elephant v/s Ants - Divided and Stand

Divide it into small parts - small independent blocks. Just like big corporate divided into small start-ups. This makes them more efficient - just like a family. Many might think this is not possible for their working and of course they think like that - they are afraid of change and creativity.

Know Thy Team

How many organization heads know about the problems their employees face? And how many of them try to solve them or at least try to come up with a possible solution? Very few! Don't get me wrong, you are not supposed to be solving their problems all the time - but showing that you understand and just one step with them can be revolutionary.

Let them Lead

Giving your team targets is fun, making them compete against each other is fun still but there is something beyond target achievement rat race - innovation. Reward & embrace innovation and ideas that come from your team. Encourage them to find new ways. Not it's not as expensive as you think - you won't end up with all of them experimenting since not all of them will have the talent to do but those do will make you stand out. Let them lead the way your organization works.

Reader's Digest Version

In nutshell, make your big huge venture a startup, that all can enjoy. Of course assembly line workers can't survive in there, nor can the money minded employees - that's why so many big names are falling off. If you are rigid your end is near. Change or die.
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