The Businessman, The NGO, The Entrepreneur

"What is more important: making money or solving a problem?" - The most asked question at gathering of entrepreneurs. Businessman says it is 'Money'! A struggling entrepreneur says 'Solving a Problem'! Want to meet real entrepreneur? They know that entrepreneur is one who makes money while solving a problem. Making money and solving problem is not one or the other - it's together. Both are part of the equation. Businessmen make money. (Urban Lalas) NGOs solve problems. Entrepreneurs do both.

Some More Differences between Businessman and Entrepreneur

Businessmen: They want to be sure of 10 years down the lane. Entrepreneur: They just have a dream and vision to see beyond what anyone else can see. They work for dreams; not goals. Businessman: They want to be sure before the decide - they want to make it right. Entrepreneur: They take a decision and make it the right. Businessman: They question other's ideology and stress on formal things. Entrepreneurs: They cherish the difference of opinion and create a way of their own. Businessman: They have unsaid rules - they follow. Entrepreneurs: Rebel and ask - What's the point? What's the fun?
Photo by Lars Plougmann

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