Business of Secret Pleasers

And no this is not about sex. Not about porno either. It's about small pleasures that you love about interacting with a brand. I love peaking in refrigerators to buy ice-cream. I sitting in Cafe Coffee Day's and I love the way they cook in my food in front of me at Dhabas. (Dhabas are like roadside open park-in restaurants). I love clicking Gmail's new buttons. I have sent so many mails just for the pleasure of clicking 'Send'! These are some secret pleasures for which I go there again and again. That is what UX of a website is all about. And yet we see so many transitions being painful. The check-out process online with missing information, standing in line to check-out being boring, waiting for a doctor and that non-smiling girl on the counter are some to begin with. Don't be like a bus business where all of you are bored of what we do. How can you make it a pleasure for people to be there with you? You don't have to hire experience professionals to do that; you just need to work out the bugs and sooth something a little.

You are reading a post that I wrote a long time backā€”at least 14 years ago. Take it with a bag of salt.

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