How to Make a Business Plan that Can Change the World

There is a business plan you make for the world - to make them believe in what you do. I don't know about you, but I never could use those documents for my own good. My vision evolves too fast for business plans. To remind myself of where I am headed and what my 'plan' is (There is no plan just exploration, really) I answer a simple question: What am I going to change in the world? Or How this would affect the world? No it need not change the way we talk - that big a change needs a successful history from you. But even small changes matter. Try to answer this question personally.

Here is an example:

In high school junior year, I had a friend (Rhythm) who loved basket ball and was really good at it. We knew he could strive to reach the top. But he was forced to choose 'literacy' (that's what I call formal education) over passion and ended up nowhere. In relation to that I answered the question "What am I going to change in the world?" for 'the FRiEnDz' : How is 'the FRiEnDz' going to change the world? Rhythm won't have to leave what he loves because everyone else wants him to do something he doesn't love. That is the direction 'the FRiEnDz' is moving in. You are not inspired by 'motto' or 'mission statement' - it really means nothing to you - they are just plain words. But the life experience that inspires you mean everything to you - make that your emotional furnace to fuel the fire of passion. This type of business plan vision is every evolving - just like you. Keep checking off the things and keep adding to it as you go along. PS: Let me know if you'd like to have the above image as wallpaper.
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