Brand Success Litmus Test

" cat. I Abrahamed (manifested) her." Abraham Hicks: "We've become a verb."
How do you know if your brand has crushed it? How do you know it's about to? Here is a good litmus test: People love you. How do you know that people love you? Here is a great litmus test: You become a verb. "I think I will Google it" "I am facebooking / orkuting." "Tweeps / Tweets / Get twitter." "It's an Apple thing." "I Abrahamed her." "You Crushed it!" You don't make yourself a verb - that's screwy. You let your customers make you one. And you let them do that by being awesome. It is not "the" ultimate test. but it is a good one. This is another reason to get a brandable name and not keyword thing and another reason to focus on bringing out the product instead of perfecting it.
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