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Note: These are my personal opinion and NOT official guidelines, I am NOT affiliated to the Morpheus.

We (me, Utkarsh and Prajjwal) applied to the Morpheus back in 2010 with Besperk, back when it was called Createens (more on that later). After initial application, we landed an interview. We didn't get through - and we know the valid reason. But here are some tips form our experience:

What are you doing?

First understand what you are doing, you are associating your startup with experienced entrepreneurs and a very strong network of founders (alumni).

I will skip the details of why and who should apply, assuming that you know that already. But in nutshell - what your startup can die figuring out in next 1 year, with The Morpheus, you can know and walk your way through it.

You're selling yourself to them, and they are selling their network and experience to you. It's a win-win. Remember I said - you are selling yourself not the idea. Idea is not that important unless you have something ready to show (a prototype or something).

Of course they want to hear what drives you aka your idea but you are far more important than the idea.

Before Applying:

  • Have all the founders on same page. You really need to see the one thing. It's not a good thing if everyone is headed in different directions.
  • First, get each founder to fill the application form alone. Pour your thoughts. Just let it flow. No group thinking, just fill it up alone. All alone. Some what like watching porn.
  • Now compare the notes - you will be amazed at how you answered things differently and how some things are same. Generally speaking - you know your weak and good points.
  • Now just discuss and put them together as one application.
  • By this time (in fact, asap) get in touch with one of the founders of The Morpheus portfolio companies or Nandini (N) or Sameer (S). I think this is a must. Just shoot them a mail or something.
  • N & S usually travel while applications are open, try to meet them in person. Application from someone they know and someone unknown - there is a difference.
  • Talk, bug them - ask questions. Go as far as asking for their or a founder's help with your application. We asked N to help us out, and she agreed!

The Application:

  • Tell them as much as you can - the facts. (eg: Your startup was funded by your dad or your girlfriend's money and other legal stuff.)
  • Keep it simple (stupid!). KISS! - they are not looking for your copy-writing skills - just basic information. At this point I highly recommend a coder filling out the facts, they are used to writing clear-cut things.
  • Interact. Though filling a form is a bit in-human in itself but it's humans who are going to read it. So interact.
  • If you don't know the answer find out or say "Don't know". Admit it! Never fake an answer. You really wanna start this with a lie?
  • Don't try to fake it. They've read gazillions of applications and they can smell fake from miles away. Especially N - she knows when she sees fake [anything]. She just knows it.
  • Be yourself. If not now, then when?
  • Have fun. Chill dude. It's just an application after-all.
  • I am not very sure, but they just look for interesting people to meet, they don't expect you to know all the answers or know every God damned thing in the world - just show them who you are. The more honest you are, more likely you are to land an interview.

The Interview:

  • This is where the fun begins, and IMO the program begins too. Createens evolved a ton during our interaction with N & S (and it still does). Just one meeting changed a lot and made us think and see things like never before.
  • Seriously, I can't emphasize enough how much the interview did for us. Try and meet them in person than on call. Though they are pro with calls (I've spent hours with them on phone) but still - you owe it to yourself to meet them at this point. Even if you have to travel to Chandigarh for a day.
  • As a kid, when I did something wrong, I'd imagine every possible question my parents could ask and an answer for it. If they ask this, answer that - if they ask that, answer this. Leave that for your parents. It won't work here.
  • I am yet to decode what happened really, but I guess your attitude will be far more important than your answer. You can't fake it; so don't even try. Relax.
  • OK, if you feel like it, prepare all that you want. Yes you can try taking a bath and putting on that deodorant but again that's your satisfaction (bath can be useful though). And when you meet them - Stop preparing and be yourself.
  • Don't dress-up, they don't.
  • Usually they will have questions for you in the end. Note them all down (mentally on a meet, pen and paper on a call). Note their pointers. This stuff is treasure your first taste of The Morpheus. They were life changing for Besperk and still are.

After Interview:

Don't rush to reply. Think. Discuss - at priority.

Then reply. Yes, actually do it. (Don't act like how we did, spent next 3 days partying! What a fail.)

Wouldn't know much about this part, since I never actually got to this point. Maybe founder of their portfolio company could take care of this.

After you get in:

Remember me and pass on the advice you get from them to the world.

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