Amazing Grace [Movies for Entrepreneurs]

Entrepreneurs just don't give up and sometimes that proves to be bad for their health and wears off their mind. But what if a song makes your hair raise and fill you with inspiration and make you eyes wet? You end up wining your cause. Amazing Grace PosterThough it has politics but not quiet. It's more about just keep going and by keep going many well-being people mean 'burn-out' well that's not fun. How about try and if you fail just take a break, find your inspiration again and go rock it. One of the amazing things in this movie is the power of community, how a good community can inspire you if you go off track. 'the FRiEnDz' community does that to me all the time. Imagine being tired of trying so hard and you look back and whoosh! Thousands have gathered to cheer you up. But there is more to this movie than meets the eye. A life lived without adding value is worth nothing. PS: If you invite your enterprising friends over for lunch again and again, your mom /wife /cook might start hating you and show & tell really works. Watch the movie to what, how and why. Warning: This movie can make you cry and shout with passion. Buy on Amazon

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